Critical Appraisal

The resources listed below provide help and guidance on critical appraisal, enabling you to effectively evaluate research evidence.  

Critically Appraising the Evidence Base

  • 8 bite sized modules available via eLearning for Health.
  • The critical appraisal programme has been designed to enable the healthcare workforce (clinical and non-clinical) to build confidence in the critical appraisal process when applying and evaluating research.

Critical Appraisal Skills Programme CASP-UK


BMJ - How to read a paper

  • A series of articles that help you to read and interpret different kinds of research.


CEBM - Centre for Evidence Based Medicine

  • Worksheets for appraising Systematic Reviews, RCTs, Diagnostics and Prognosis.


JBI - Critical Appraisal Skills

  • A variety of different checklists are available to download.


Evidence Based Practice & Critical Appraisal Reading List

  • A list of books available for you to borrow from the Library





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