Patient Information

You can help your patients (and their families) learn more about their health conditions by pointing them towards information from trustworthy sources.  The sites below provide good overviews about a wide range of medical conditions.  They can also be used to help staff at all levels increase their knowledge.


  • Freely available, trustworthy and reliable
  • A-Z listing for health conditions
  • Allows you to search for GPs, Hospitals and Dentists


  • Freely available
  • Allows you to search for health conditions and medicines
  • Search for GPs, Dentists and support groups

UpToDate Anywhere

  • Access via the RSCH Trust desktop or register for mobile access
  • Printable information
  • Provides two levels of patient information, The Basics (1-2 pages) and Beyond the Basics (3-5 pages)

Royal Surrey Patient Information Leaflets

  • Approved Patient Information Leaflets available from the Royal Surrey website

Reading Well for Mental Health

  • Produced by the reading Agency
  • Information and support for people with common mental health needs and for dealing with difficult feelings and experiences
  • A collection of books available for library members to borrow from the Royal Surrey Library



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