Computer Access

The library has 20 PCs available 24 hours a day.pc

The Learning Resource Centre, located on the left as you enter the library, contains 9 RSCH networked PCs providing access to training and multimedia resources, the hospital IT network and the internet.  You will need an RSCH IT account to access these PCs.  The LRC can be booked for training events or educational meetings by members of RSCH Trust staff.  This room is also equiped with an interactive whiteboard and integrated data projector.  Please speak to the Library team if you would like to make a booking.

A further 4 Trust network PCs are available for use within the main area of the library.

Open internet access is available from 8 other PCs located in the main reading room area of the library.  An RSCH IT account is not required to access these PCs.  The open access PCs are primarily for those library members not eligible for an RSCH IT account, for example PCT staff and students.  Library members are requested to give priority to these groups and to those using the PCs for work related purposes.

PC users are reminded not to save work to the C: drive as this is wiped from the PC when the machine is shut down or a user logs off.

Printing and Scanning Charges

  • 5p per side for black and white printing
  • 10p per side for colour printing

Please ask the library team for more information.

Two self service scanners are avallable for you to use.  Please follow the instructions for use next to the machines.



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